Hey – Wizard Love chords

Great song! :)

E BWho would have known that I could like a boy like you
C#m ATall dark and Slytherin, what's a girl to do?
E BYou used your Nimbus to sweep me off my feet.
C#m ABut now without you by my side I feel incompleete.
E BSlytherin and Gryffindor, parted by the sorting hat
C#m AFrom rival houses boy but we don't have to be like that
E BCause you've confundesed me, and now I'm feeling well
C#m ALike this is magical, I'm under your spell.
E BI never thought you'd be in my life
C#m ATwo different worlds that we let collide
E Band it will never be the way it was before
C#m ACause baby I'm a Slytherin and girl you are a Gryffindor
(Repeat pattern for the rest of the song)
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