Hilera – Murder chords

			   Murder - Hilera
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Tuning :Standard

Intro: C

CIf I could stay awake
Fm CI'll never sleep
Fm CI'll never dream
Dm G7Sleep is for dreamers
CAnd that ain't me
CHave you heard the news today
Fm CIt made me cry
Fm CI don't know why
Dm G7Coz sometimes they all lie
CTo survive
Fm G C AmThat why they murder, murder
Bbm G C Am COz they got nothing left to offer, it's over
Dm G C Am Dm G C And we all die, and we all die
Fm G7Murder, murder
(Do Verse Chords) If I should fall from grace I won't be here I won't stay here Coz this town ain't for me And that's no lie If only I could stay awake And be made of clay That would be the day When justice ain't for yu You better pray
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