Hillsong United – Better Than Life chords

Hope: Transposed by: jgaluno25

Intro: Capo 1st fret G – D – Em – C (2x)

G DBetter than the riches of this world
Em CBetter than the sound of my friends voices
G DBetter than the biggest dreams of my heart
Em CAnd that’s just the start
G DBetter than getting what I say I need
Em CBetter than living the life that I want to
G DBetter than the love anyone could give
Em CYour love is
Pre Chorus:
G/B Am7 GYou hold me now in Your arms
C D – Em – C And never let me go, Oh…
G D Chorus: You oh Lord makes the sun shine
Em7 CAnd the moon light in the night sky
G DYou give me breath and all Your love
Em CI give my heart to You because
G4 D4 Em4Tag: I can’t stop falling in love with You
C4 (G)I’ll never stop falling in love with You
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