Hillsong - This Is Our God chords


(capo II)Intro: D F#m Bm G

D D/F#Your grace is enough
Bm More than I need
G DAt Your word I will believe
D/F# BmI wait for You draw near again
G ALet Your Spirit make me new (CHORUS)
D/F# GI will fall at Your feet
Em A/C#I will fall at Your feet
D/F# GAnd I will worship You here
Interlude: D A Em Bm G D D x2 BRIDGE:
DFreely You gave it all for us
ASurrendered Your life upon that cross
EmGreat is the love
BmPoured out for all
G DThis is our God
DLifted on high from death to life
AForever our God is glorified
EmServant and King
BmRescued the world
G DThis is our God
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