Hoffmaestro And Chraa – So Do You tab

			     So do you - Hoffmaestro & Chraa
Tabbed by: Patrik A
Email: Skidakarn_3@hotmail.com

Tuning: Standard

I think this is right...

It goes like this the whole song, except last chorus A Bm Bm/F# G De|--------------------------------|-------------------------|B|------------------------3-----3-|-------------------7-----|G|-----------6------------4-----4-|-------4-----------7-----|D|-----------7--------4-----------|-------5-------7-------7-|A|-------7--------2---------------|----5------5-------------|E|---5-----------------------2----|-3-----------------------|
last chorus is played: After each chord, hit the strings with your right hand (I do not know what it is Listen to the song and you will understand
A Bm G D And if you want me to be real deepe|--------------------------3--------2--------|B|-2------------3-----------3--------3--------|G|-2------------4-----------0--------2--------|D|-2------------4--------------------0--------|A|-0------------2-----------------------------|E|--------------------------3-----------------|
A Bm G D I'll hook you up with some poetry A Bm G D Fields are green and the sky so blue A Bm G D They both look pretty good Baby Girl but then so do you Hoffmaestro: http://www.myspace.com/hoffmaestro
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