Hoffmaestro And Chraa - Highway Man tab version 1

By: Daniel Jansson

I am a highwayman, on the road again
Em     C      G           Bm   Em

Me and my guitar, am a rambling band 
Em        C    G       Bm       Em

Looking in the wrong, standing in the blow 
Carrying on alone cause Iíll never gonna go my way 

Look up to the sky, cities flying by 
I donít wanna lie cause Iím pretty sure Iím gonna die one day 

So I say the road leads back to thee 
Em           G          Bm      Em
It always leads back to thee 
   C            Bm      Em

How can I show my love so you will open your arms to me 
G         Bm              C                  D       Em

So please wonít you tell me 
Where the road will end 
Got me a bottle 
As my only friend 

Standing in the rain, dealing with the pain 
Everythingís the same and it doesnít really matter what I say 
Picking up the phone, come to take you home 
You will say no doubts, the reality of today 

So I say the road leads back to thee 
It always leads back to thee 
Please wonít you understand that without you by my side 
Thereís no meaning 

So will you ever love me again, only time will tell 
Iím in a hurry, cause theyíre waiting down in hell 

And no matter what I say say or do 
The road lead back to youÖ
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