Holiday – Holly Jolly Christmas tab

[]Lyrics&music by Johnny Marks.

Holly Jolly Christmas sung by Burl Ives (1962)

   [G]      [C]      [G7]    [C]
1. Have a holly, jolly Christmas,

         [C]         [Edim].  [G]
It's the best time of the year.

[G7]      [Cdim].   [G7]          [Edim].
I don't know if there'll be snow,

    [G7]     [Fdim].  [C]      [G9]
But have a cup of cheer.

          [C]      [G7]    [C]
2. Have a holly, jolly Christmas,

         [C]        [Edim].    [G]
And when you walk down the street,

[G7]  [Cdim].    [G7]          [Edim].
Say hello to friends you know,

    [G7]   [Fdim].   [C]
And everyone you meet.


[F]           [Em]
Ho, Ho, the mistletoe,

[Dm7]        [G7]      [C]
Hung where you can see,

[Fdim].[G7]  [Am]        [Am7]
Somebody waits for you,

[D9]   [Am7] [D7]       [G]  [G7]
Kiss her once for me.

  [G]      [C]      [G7]    [C]
3.Have a holly, jolly Christmas,

       [C]        [Edim].  [G]
And in case you didn't hear,

[G7]     [Cdim].  [G7]     [C]    [C/B]  [Am7] [Am7/G] [D7]    [Dm7]  [G7]
Oh, by golly, have a,  Christmas, this 

Bridge again:

Third verse, again.

A golden '60's oldie from Kraziekhat!
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