Hooters – Satellite tab

                                           Chord Voicings:
|-Play this part 4 times-----------|
< >=natural harmonics G5 C(sus2) D5 G/B|------------------|---------------| 3x0033 x3x033 xx023x x20033|------------------|-slight vib. w-||-<12>---------<7>-|--~~~~~~~ bar.-||------<12>--------|-<7>-----------||------------------|---------------||------------------|---------------|
Verse. Two guitars here(at least). It's quite hard to discern what git2 really is doing since it is quite low in the mix. It should be quite similar to what the bass is doing though, so strum the indicated chords in a rhythm that works with the bassline.
Git2 G5 D5 G5 D| | | |Git1 s s |-3----------10\|5-------------|-3----------10\|5---------------| |-3-----3----8-\|3-------------|-3----3-----8-\|3---------------| |-0-----0----7-\|2-------------|-0----0-----7-\|2---------------| |---------------|--------------|---------------|----------------| |---------------|--------------|---------------|----------------| |---------------|--------------|---------------|----------------|
C(sus2) G/B G5 D5 | | | | Before chorus, play s Git 1&2 fill 1.|---------------10\|5------------|------------5-|-3-----333-----||-3-------3-----8-\|3------------|-3----3-----3-|-3-----333-----||-0-------0-----7-\|2------------|-0----0-----2-|-0-----000-----||------------------|-------------|------0-------|-0-----000-----||-3----------------|-------------|-3------------|---------------||---------3--------|-------------|------3-------|-3-----333-----|
slight p.m Chorus. fill1 |-----| Well, the guitars are even harder to hear in |-3---3333-3-3-|
the chorus than in the verse. The chords should|-3---3333-3-3-| be right, so just strum them in a way that |-0---0000-0-0-| sounds rhythmically right. |-0---0000-0-0-| |--------------| |-3---3333-3-3-|
first time Git 1&2 Git1 Git 1&2 |-------------||-------------|-------------------------------|-----------5-|-3---333-------||-3--333---3--|-3--------------3------3--3--3-|-3----3----3-|-3---333-------||-0--000---0--|-2--------------2------2--2--2-|-0----0----2-|-0---000-------||----------0--|-0--------------0------0--0--0-|------0------|-0---000-0-0-0-||-3--333------|-------------------------------|-3----2------|---------------||----------3--|-------------------------------|------3------|-3---333-3-3-3-|
|Git2 | |-second time--|| |-------------------------------| |-3-------------| |-~~~------------~~~------------| |-3-------------| |-2--2-4-2-0-----2--2-4-2-0-----| |-0-------------| |------------4-0------------4-0-| |-0-------------| |-------------------------------| |---------------| |-------------------------------| |-3-------------|
Then there is another verse, another chorus and the accordion solo. During the solo, play the verse rhythm. After that it breaks down into an interlude, during which the same thing as in the intro is played. Then, right before the chorus, this is played:
|-----------------|-3---------| Then the chorus is played a coupple of times|-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-|-3---------| before the intro figure is played again.|-0-0-0-0-0-0-2-2-|-0---------||-------------0-0-|-0---------||-3-3-3-2-2-2-0-0-|-----------||-----------------|-3---------|
The last thing played is this:
There. I hope that makes some sense, at least. If something is unclear, if you like the TAB, if you hate the TAB, or if you have anything at all you would like me to know, then mail me. Verse 1 Hush little baby don't cry like that God's gonna buy you a cadillac He's chosen you to do his will You can spread the word in your coupe de ville Chorus So jump in the river and learn to swim God's gonna wash away all your sins and if you still can't see the light God's gonna buy you a satellite Verse 2 Look to the heavens and see it shine heals the sick and leads the blind tune it in and hear it say it's counting down to judgement day Chorus Verse 3 Hey satellite man your time has come your word recieved by everyone and should you fall well that's ok you love the ones that you betray Chorus So jump in the river and learn to swim God's gonna wash away all your sins and when at last you see tha light gods gonna buy you a satellite There. You might want to attach that to the TAB...? Anyway, youre doing a great thing with that archive, so keep it up, and thanks for writing!
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