India Arie – Ready For Love tab

Just thought I'd finish what Lyrical posted, and make a couple minor corrections. Remember to add
some flavor to the chords, ie: D at the end of a verse. I also gave examples of Em(9) & D6/9...easy
chords, but sometimes hard to find in some chord books. Enjoy!

Ready For Love
     Em(9)                                    --O--
I am ready for love                           --O--
            D                                 --4--
Why are you hiding from me                    --2--
                                        Low E --O--
I’d quickly give my freedom

To be held in your captivity

I am ready for love

All of the joy and the pain

And all the time that it takes

Just to stay in your good grace

BRIDGE 1                                       D6/9
     Em             D6/9                       --O--
Lately I’ve been thinking                      --O--
Cmaj7 B7sus B7 Em(9) --O--Maybe you’re not ready for me --X-- --X-- D6/9 Cmaj7 B7sus B7Maybe you think I need to learn maturity
Am7 They say watch what you ask for Em(9) Cause you might receive Am7 But if you ask me tomorrow C B7sus B7 I’ll say the same thing VERSE 3 Em(9) I am ready for love D Would you please lend me your ear? C(9) I promise I won’t complain D I just need you to acknowledge I am here BRIDGE 2 Em D6/9 If you give me half a chance Cmaj7 B7sus B7 Em(9) I‘ll prove this to you D6/9 Cmaj7 B7sus B7 I will be patience, kind, faithful and true Am7 To a man who loves music Em(9) A man who loves art Cmaj7? Am7 Respect’s the spirit world C B7sus B7 And thinks with his heart Em D6/9 Cmaj7 B7sus B7 Em D6/9 Cmaj7 B7sus B7 VERSE 4 Em(9) I am ready for love D If you’ll take me in your hands C(9) I will learn what you teach D And do the best that I can VERSE 5 Em(9) I am ready for love D Here with a offering of C(9) My voice My Eyes D My soul My mind Am7 Tell me what is enough B7sus B7 Em(9) D To prove I am ready...... for love C(9) D Em(9) I am ready…
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