Israel Houghton – Jesus Be The Center chords

Israel Houghton  Jesus be the Center

(Capo 7) Israel sang it really high on Hillsong Conference 2011, so you have to decide, 
i like to sing it in Capo2

D A/E D/F#Jesus at the center of it all
G D Asus AJesus at the center of it all
G DFrom beginning to the end
A Bm A G Ait will always be, it's always been you, Jesus, Jesus
D D/F# GNothing else matters
Em D Dsus DNothing in this world will do
D D/F# GJesus you're the center
Em Bm7everything revolves around you
A D A/E D/F# GJesus, you, (1) at the center of it all
D A/E D/F# Gthe center of it all
Jesus be the center of my live...
(2) A|: From my heart to the heavens
Bm7 DJesus be the center
GIt's all about you
AYes its all about you :|
D A/E D/F#Jesus be the center of your church
G D Asus AJesus be the center of your church
G DAnd every knee will bow
A Bm A G AAnd every tongue will confess you Jesus, Jesus
Nothing else matters...
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