Israel Houghton - Friend Of God tab version 1

Friend of God
Composers: Israel Houghton/Michael Gungor
Created by: Roneil Espiritu (

Intro: E-C#m-A/E-B
E					C#m
Who am I, you are might for a love me,
		A		B
That you give me, well are called,
E					C#m
Is it through that, you have thinking of me
		A	D	B
Are you loved me, its amazing… (2x)

I am a FRIEND OF GOD, (3x) E B-C#m-F#m-BHe calls me friend… (2x)
Repeat all with Declaration Declaration: D B You’re all it’s amazing D B It’s amazing…. (3x) (repeat chorus 2x) Bridge: (hold followed by the musical instrument) E C#m God almighty, Lord of Glory F#m B You have calling friend… (4x) Repeat chorus 2x (pause followed by strummed) Coda: B E(hold) You called me friend…. “The scripture was fulfilled which said, Abraham believed GOD, and it was imputed unto fo righteousness: and he was called the FRIEND OF GOD...” -James 2:23(KJV)
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