Jack White – Why Walk A Dog chords

[Verse 1]
Am E5Why does a dog need to be walked?
Am E5Three birds fighting out in the yard
Am E5But I don't know what they're fighting about
AmSo why does a dog need to listen
E5Whenever you shout?
AmThese cats seem to blow
E5Everyone's mind, but mine
AmWhat is so funny
E5About beasts above understanding?
[Instrumental Break] (Repeat Verse 1 chords) [Verse 2]
D5Are you their master?
AmDid you buy them at the store?
D5Did they know they were a cure
AmFor you to stop being bored?
D5So somebody mated them
AmAnd took their babies away from them
B5Stuck a price tag on their nose
E5And now you're buying it clothes
Am E5So, why does a dog need to be walked?
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