Jackopierce – Jacob tab

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From: arabella@MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU (Arabella Clauson)
Subject: CRD: "Jacob" by JACKOPIERCE

transcribed by Rob Bowen (rpbowen@unca.com)
lyrics typed by COLINWISE@delphi.com
cleaned up by Arabella Clauson (arabella@mail.utexas.edu)


THE CHORDS: E---0--- ---0--- ---0--- ---0--- ---3---| B---3--- ---3--- ---0--- ---2--- ---0---| G---0--- ---2--- ---0--- ---2--- ---0---| D---0--- ---0--- ---2--- ---2--- ---0---| A---2--- ---x--- ---2--- ---0--- ---2---| E---3--- ---x--- ---0--- ---x--- ---3---| "G" Dsus2 Em A G (for chorus)
NOTES: ||The picking pattern is too complex for me to write out, but is is ||important that you hammer on the third fret of first string and then off ||as you strike the bass G note || ||the A before the chorus has a suspended lick in it ||listen for the 2nd string--it goes from fret 2 to 3 to 2 to 0 ||(listen and you'll understand) VERSE: G Dsus2 G DSUS2 Jacob's a fine boy but his parents don't get along G Dsus2 They hardly talk, when they do Em A He thinks he's done something wrong G Dsus2 G DSUS2 He heard all the screaming as he lay down to bed G Dsus2 Em A He should have been sleeping but he listened instead Em A (chorus) They said he's fine, it's not his fault D G Between the lines, he somehow got caught Em A And in our game, it's more like war Em A I just don't think I love you anymore G Dsus2 G DSUS2 He picked up the phone, his tears touched the receiver G Dsus2 Em A His grandmother answered down in Tempe G Dsus2 G DSUS2 He told her the story - that his daddy was leaving G Dsus2 Em A She tried to convince him it was nothing he'd done Em A (chorus) She said you're fine, it's not your fault D G Between the lines, you somehow got caught Em A And in their game, it sounds more like war Em A I just don't think she loves him anymore Jacob's a father and his kids are in teens He's done what he could to make meager ends meet When it comes down to family, it's the primary goal To keep the thing working no matter the toll His sons heard them screaming about something he said He opened the door and invited them in (chorus) He said now sons, it's not your fault Between the lines you somehow got caught So when you're hurt, you lean on a crutch But I still love your mother very much OUTRO: the same as chorus -- -- -- -- -- -- Arabella Clauson arabella@mail.utexas.edu http://ccwf.cc.utexas.edu/~arabella/index.html
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