Jake Hamilton – The Anthem tab

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[Intro Lick]
Em - C - G - D

E |------------------------------------------------------|B |------------------------------------------------12----|G |-----------------------------------------12h14--------|D |-----12/14~~~--12/14--12------------------------------|A |--14---------------------12h14~~~/12------------------|E |------------------------------------------------------|
E |------------------------------------------------------|B |------------------------------------------------------|G |------------------------------------------------------|D |-----12/14~~~--12/14--12------------------------------|A |--14---------------------12h14~~~/12------------------|E |------------------------------------------------------|
[Verse] Em C I can hear the footsteps of my King G D I can hear his heartbeat beckoning Em C In my darkness, He has set me free G D Now I hear the spirit calling me, He's calling [Chorus] Em C Wake up child, It's your turn to shine G D We were born for such a time as this [Verse 2] Em C I can hear a holy rumbling G D I've begun to preach another King Em C Loosing chains and breaking down the walls G D I want to hear the Father when he calls, He's calling [Chorus]
1st Solo { video time }E|-----------15--12----------|-----------15--12----------|B|---12-h-15--------12-------|---12-h-15--------12-------|G|----------------------12---|----------------------12---|D|---------------------------|---------------------------|A|---------------------------|---------------------------|E|---------------------------|---------------------------|
[Bridge 1] Em This is the anthem of our generation, C Here we are God, shake our nation G All we need is your love D You captivate us [Bridge 2] Em We are royalty C We have destiny G We have been set free D We're gonna shake history We're gonna change the world!
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