Jars Of Clay – Blind tab


Verse: (play 8X)
Cynical...|---------0--------------------------||--3---------3------------3----------||-----4----------4-----0----0--------||--------------------4---------------||--0---------------------------------||------------------------------------|There's a slight change in the guitar playing at the end of each versebut it sounds ok if you just keep playing that.
Chorus: (play twice)
Bli__________nd Words...|------------------------------|----------------------||--3----------------3---------|--3--------------------||----------4-----4-----4-----|------4-----4-----------||-------4-----4-----------4--|--4------4-----4--------||--0--------------------------|-----------------------||------------------------------|----------------------| (Not sure about the abovepart)
That's just about all I've gotten to so far, I'm pretty sure most it's pretty accurate except for the part I said wasn't. I'll try getting them rest down some other time. Lyrics: Cynical, it's just your way You play the doubting thomas Feel the scars and wipe the stains. So you fight, and retreat And talk yourself out of believing In any peace that you can't see Blind words you call Blind words will fall Logical, you can't find Any reason to believe in love, you are blind Crucify, and deny Pass the blame and burn the mission Till dust remains and wash your hands Blind words you call Blind words will fall That's it, Some other time I'll tab the rest out. later.
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