Jason Robert Brown – Still Hurting chords

“Still Hurting”- Jason Robert Brown
From “The Last Five Years”
Tabbed by Robin Young

C – F/A – Bb2 – C (2x)

C F/A Bb2 CJamie is o- ver, and Jamie is gone
C F/A Bb2 CJamie’s deci- ded it’s time to move on
Dmin7 C/E D7/F# E7/G#Jamie has new dreams he’s building u-pon
F2/A Bb2 G7/B Csus CAnd I’m still hurt- ing
Dmin11 – C2/E – F6/9 – Csus – C
C F/A Bb2 CJamie arrived at the end of the line
C F/A Bb2 CJamie’s convinced that the problems are mine
Dmin7 C/E D7/F# E7/G#Jamie is probably feeling just fine
F2/A Bb2 G7/B Csus CAnd I’m still hurt- ing
Dmin11 – C2/E – F6/9 – Csus – C – C/B Amin9 What about lies, Jamie?
F2 Amin9 D9/F#What about things that you swore to be true?
F2 C/E Dmin11What about you, Jamie?
G(add11)What about you?
C F/A Bb2 CJamie is sure something wonderful died
C F/A Bb2 CJamie decides it’s his right to decide
Dmin7 C/E D7/F# E7/G#Jamie’s got secrets he doesn’t confide
F2/A Bb2 G7/B CsusAnd I’m still hurt- ing
Eb/C D/C Db/C CGo and hide and run a- way
G/B Amin7 D9 F6/9Run away; run and find something better
Db/Eb F/Eb E/Eb EbGo and ride the sun a- way
Cmin7 Ab2 Fmin11 Run away, like it’s simple, like it’s right INTERLUDE: C – F/A – Bb2 – C (2x) Dmin7 – C/E – D/F# - E7/G# F/A – Bb – G7/B – Csus Amin9 Give me a day, Jamie
F2 Amin9 D9/F#Bring back the lies; hang them back on the wall
F2 C/EMaybe I’d see how you could be so certain
Cmin7/Eb Dbmaj11 G(add11)That we had no chance at all
C F/A Bb2 CJamie is o- ver, and where can I turn?
C F/A Bb2 CCovered with scars I did nothing to earn
Dmin7 C/E D7/F# E7/G#Maybe there’s somewhere a lesson to learn
F2/A Gsus/BBut that wouldn’t change the fact
F2/A Gsus/BThat wouldn’t speed the time
F2/A Emin7Once the foundation’s cracked
F2 G(add11) C F/A Bb2 CAnd I’m… still hurt-ing
C – F/A – Bb2 - C
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