Jason Robert Brown – Nothing In Common chords


C  G  Am  G
F  G  C

[Verse 1]
C G AmThere was this kid a few years back,
GA little older than me,
F C Am GWho lived in my house and looked a lot like my mother.
C G Am GThere was this kid I knew back then and I was sure he would be
F G F CThe greatest star I'd ever known.
F Am GI'd watch him walk into a room and he was never out of place,
F C Am GHe knew the answer to every question.
F AmThe square and cube of every prime
GA name to go with every face,
F G F CLike he was king upon a throne.
F C [Chorus 1]
C AmAnd we had nothing in common,
F CNothing in common.
F F F Am GMy mother was convinced that I failed english out of spite.
C AmWe had nothing in common
F CNothing in common.
F F F Am GAnd 30-some years later i'm still tortured and amazed
F G CBy how Daivd always got the answers right.
C G Am G F G [Verse 2]
C G AmNow later on, I knew this guy,
GHe was in high school I think,
F C Am GHad lots of friends and was the pride of the family.
C G Am GHe'd call me names and punch my head and made me feel like a dink
F G F CAnd I would hide from him all day.
F AmBut if I couldn't find a friend
G(Which happened more than i'd have liked)
F C Am GI'd go where he was and sulk around him.
F Am GHe'd say, "You don't know how to throw, and just don't play your stupid songs,"
F G F CAnd then he'd toss the ball my way.
F C [Chorus 2]
C AmWe had nothing in common,
F CNothing in common.
F F F Am GI thought he was a jerk and who knows what he thought I'd be.
C AmWe had nothing in common,
F CNothing in common.
F F F Am GBut 20-some years later I'm still grateful and surprised
F G CBy the little gifts that David gave to me.
G Am Am Am [Verse 3]
F AmI knew this guy before I wed
G FHe had a vision in his head
C G Am FOf how his life would play out and his dreams would come true
F CBut he was stumbling, he was stalled
C AmAnd every year after he called
Am F Am G GI'd just think man, there goes the lonliest guy I ever knew
G FPeople think i'm failing
GThey never understand
FBut temporary set backs
FAre part of what I planned
GAnd David had his vision
FAnd David played his game
F C FWe have nothing much in common
F G CBut we are more or less the same
[Break] C G Am G F C F G C G Am G F C G F C F C [Verse 4]
C G Am G FThere was a guy who met a girl who had a cat that fell in love
C GThat got a home and made a vow
Am F C GHe took her hand and they lived happily ever after
F C G F C GHappily ever after
F C G F C GHere's to happily ever after
F C G GHappily ever after
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