Indictment tab with lyrics by Jawbreaker - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Jawbreaker – Indictment tab

Song:     Indictment
Artist:   Jawbreaker
Album:    24-Hour Revenge Therapy

I didn't see a tab on this site, and I didn't feel like writing out a full tab because 
tired, so here are the chords.  On electric I'd use power, and on acoustic I'd use open 
barre.  Very easy song, enjoy.

Intro:  G  C  Em  D X4 (on last D, hold it out to twice it's usual length)


G        C         Em     D
I just wrote the dumbest song

G          C     Em    D
It's gonna be a sing-along

G          C          Em       D
All our friends will clap and sing

G        C        Em             D      D
Our enemies will laugh and be pointing

           G    C   Em   D
It won't bother me

           G               C    Em   D
What the thoughtless are thinking

G     C      Em     D
I am more concerned

                  G     C   Em   D
With what we're drinking


C                                D
They'll laugh about it at the warehouse

Em      D      C
Saying I'm so lame

     Em           C                 D     D
It wrote itself, you can keep the blame


G     C     Em    D
It'll be a happy song

G     C          Em        D
Not unlike some other ones

G          C         Em          D
While everyone's depressed and broke

G      C        Em         D        D
I get high off your sick jokes  (ha ha ha)

           G    C   Em  D
They're colossal

            G    C  Em  D
And they're tousling

G        C       Em     D
All the worried hair, stay up

G    C    Em   D


C            D
So crazy it just might work

Em          D        C
Then we'll quit our jobs

Em             C                     D
We could be the next group that you rob

Fill:  G  C  Em  D X4 (once again, last D is held out double it's duration)


G          C         Em    D
There are times for being dumb

G     C      Em      D
This must be one of them

G            C    Em         D
I'd like to know what's so wrong

G        C     Em    D     D
With a stupid happy song

         G      C   Em   D
It says many thing

         G     C   Em   D
In it's nothingness

              G        C      Em    D
It gives me space to think I guess

          G       C         Em          D
To think less (and less) (and less) (and less)


C                   D
Moving units and tracking charts

Em         D     C
Will they ever learn

    Em            C                 D
It isn't who you know it's who you burn


         G   C   Em   D
It means nothing

G        C       Em    D
Selling kids to other kids

          G        C          Em
If they think we changed our tune

   D       G
I hope we did
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