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Jawbreaker – Chesterfield King tab

[Notes]* (p) = palm-muted* I'm not the best at transcribing solos, so the solo may be inaccurate* The F#/G chord is a G power chord with the root lowered a half-step: D---5--| A---5--| E---2--|
*** ["Chesterfield King"] [ GC GC GC GC ] [Verse] G E B (p) C (p) We .. G E A C Suddenly .. G E B (p) C (p) We sat .. G E I could ., A C "Do .. G C G Too .. [Pre-chorus] B (p) C (p) Left .. E (p) D (p) C Put .. B (p) C (p) Guess .. E (p) D (p) C Think .. [Verse] [Pre-chorus] [Chorus] G F#/G E D C I took .. B A I .. G F#/G E D C The .. B A And .. G F#/G E D You .. C B A breath .. G F#/G E D We .. C B D lawn, .. [ GC GC GC GC ] [Solo over verse] h = hammer-on / = slide up \ = slide down
...and repeat [Pre-chorus] Said my .. Handed .. Held .. Traced .. [Repeat chorus] [Play chorus progression once, palm muting all chords] [End on G]
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