Jed Madela – The Past chords

#TiTLe: The Past
#ArtiSt: Jed Madela
#Tabbed by: Ernest Josef Pineda

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Intro: G - C - Bm - D - (2x)

G C I was wrong when i hurt you
D D/F# Bm But did you have to hurt me too
Em Am D7Did you think revenge will make it better?
G C C/E I don't care about the past
D D/F# BmI just want our love to last
Em Am D7There's a way to bring us back together
C DI must forgive you
C Bm EmYou must forgive me too
C DIf we wanna try to put things back
G EmThe way they used to be
C D D/C'cause there's no sense in going over and over
Bm EmThe same things as before
Am D So let's not bring the past up anymore
Fill in: ( C - Bm - D -)
G COut of all the good we had
D/F# BmYou only keep track of the bad
Em Am Dsus,D, D2-DThough you knew i never really loved her
G C C/EDidn't anyone tell you yet
D BmThat to forgive is to forget
Em Am DHow can you be mad if you don't remember
Repeat Chorus
C D D/CI must forgive you
Bm EmAnd you must forgive me too
Am DIt's the only thing that's left
G Dm7 - GThat we haven't try to do
C DOne thing that i'm sure will work
Bm Em That we haven't tried before
Am D GLet's not bring the past back anymore
(C - Bm - D7 -- G ....) #98% correctness #pakicomment n lang po if may mali o hindi niu maintindihan #josef_joyce_27 .. love u hon..
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