Jeff Dunham - Roadkill Christmas chords

Roadkill Christmas

Intro:D - A - D(sus)

Verse 1:
D AGot my dog and 6-pack inside my truck
DMy wife rides in the back because she won't shut up
GThere's a deer in the headlights and though it might be a sin
D G A DI gunned the motor and run over him
Chorus 1:
G A DIt's a Roadkill Christmas
G A DVenison pretenderized
G A Bm GIt's a Roadkill Christmas
D A D'Cause they freeze when the lights hit their eyes
Verse 2: (do verse chords) She loaded him into the back of the truck I was driving us home, that's when he done woke up I couldn't believe what I saw in my rear-view mirror My wife was a-wrestlin' with a mad deer Chorus 2: (do chorus chords) It's a Roadkill Christmas She had fifty pounds over him It's a Roadkill Christmas It was no time 'til she had him pinned Verse 3: (do verse chords) By the time we got home, he was her pet That night, he slept on my side of the bed I had to spend the night out in my truck But I had some beer, so I didn't give a... darn *JEFF: Bubba J, that was close.* *Bubba J: Yeah I know, I almost said damn.* Verse 4: (do verse chords) A couple days later, I made him a deal If he worked for me, then he would not be my next meal I covered his antlers with foil and then, I plugged the T.V. cable into his rear end Chorus 3: (do chorus chords) It's a Roadkill Christmas Every Sunday, he's up on my roof It's a Roadkill Christmas I get NASCAR and the NFL, too. Chorus 4: (do chorus chords) It's a Roadkill Christmas That dumb deer changed my life It's a Roadkill Christmas Next time, I'll run over my wife! Outro: D-G-D
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