Jeffrey Lewis – Texas chords

Artist: Jeffrey Lewis
Song: Texas

Em g em dPlay fast and mad style.
A silver lining Take my building Take my pizza There's cloud I feel so threatened It's a dustbowl Is there hope? A cloud of dust A blue horizon Go to Texas Back to New York Where's my pizza? Where's my building? Where's my brother? How's the pizza? Fucking awful Now it's raining How's the people? Fucking boring Bowl of mud I get confused Disoriented Where am I? Back in New York It's a desert Made of mud Dusty blood Soggy crud Now it's raining Where's my lining? Good for it Silver lining Leave the dustbowl Where's my building? Leave the building Where's my building? Where's my brother? How's the pizza? How's the weather? It's a desert Home to New York Go to Maine I'm in Maine Stay in Maine Back to New York Good to see you Good to see you For a minute Wanna seed Gotta sow Wanna flower Gotta grow Where's the tower? Don't you know? Where's the other? Had to go [stop playing here] Awful secret desert pizza brother people building Texas tower tower boring Em [don’t let ring] burning How's the how's the how's the
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