Jeffrey Lewis – Where Is The Machine chords


[Verse 1]
F GWe got machines we invent and learn how to build
C AmThat can stir the cement for giant holes to be filled
F GWith a balance of minerals, liquids and anthracite
C AmThrough trial and error at a particular Fahrenheit
C GSo why can't there be some kind of mighty machine
C Dm AmTo fight feelings they are just feelings
[Verse 2]
F GWe got blueprints for rockets that defeat gravitation
C AmWith combustion hydraulics and discrete calculation
F GOf where the garment line snaps and the soundwave convulses
C AmTo blast through gaps in the armour of the magnetic pulses
C GLike a fist through a screen so where is this machine
C G AmTo fight feelings they are just little feelings
[Verse 3]
F GIn boxes and tubes we fight the cold and the heat
C AmWith square numbers and cubes to decisive defeat
F GSetting digital dials on fractions each can agree on
C AmIn hot orange spirals or in winter green freons
C GSpewing atoms or ice but where do they have this device
C G AmTo fight feelings they are just stupid feelings
[Verse 4]
F GJust as the Grand Coulee Dam merely begun as a dream
C AmOne day a bike helmet cam grew from the era of steam
F GSo maybe some magic time constructions we are not aware of
C AmWill just pluck through your minds just one more task to take care of
F GCan something help fight against this old pathetic condition
Am FWhere I am somehow defenceless just against words or a vision
F GIf they are so big and smart why can't they start making stuff
C G AmTo fight feelings they are just little feelings
F GNow that there is lasers and beams let's build amazing machines
C G AmTo fight feelings there is just a few feelings
C AmA few lousy feelings
C AmA few little feelings
C AmA few stupid feelings
C AmWhy can't they fight feelings
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