Jeffrey Lewis – Avenue A Shanghai Hollywood chords

F#m D F#m E
F#m A E D

F#m Bm D F#m
F#m Bm D F#m

F#m BmOnce upon a time there was a princess man
D F#mHe had the special powers of the checkout scan
F#m BmHe could price out any product from the UPCs
D F#mBut he couldn't see the forest for the symmetries
F#m BmA perfect paranoia now engulfs my pets
D F#mThat I'm using them as simple social safety nets
F#m BmI wish this loneliness upon myself, I'm told
D F#mCause both puppy chow and vengeance are a dish served cold
F#m DMeeting with the neighbor traps you in a chat
F#m EThe dog is kind of bored until she lays down flat
F#m A EI just walk out and wander like a floating bag
DAnd a city dog can always get a hearty wag
F#m BmSo face it, you can't win, who has to try this hard?
D F#mI guess the ace that's in my sleeve is just a pity card
F#m BmBut I know I rod e a camel from this camera shot
D F#mAnd I must've had some sexy times that I forgot
F#m BmI wait to fall in love, I wait to see Brazil
D F#mI wait to see if plants survive my windowsill
F#m BmI wait to see the Northern lights I always missed
D F#mLike chicken breast, it's piled in my bucket list
F#m DBut with laughter and with pain that's a broken heart
F#m EWhen happy ever after is the way it starts
F#m A EBut if there's potholes in the rock and roll I tell
DAt least it's still a pothole on the road to hell
F#m BmAvenue A was once enthused I guess
D F#mIn retrospect compared to all this plywood mess
F#m BmLike a dog sits in depression touching chin to floor
D F#mNo one with a job has got the dough no more
F#m BmNow he's packing heat and gigging in Shanghai
D F#mAnd no one knows he's secretly a famous guy
F#m BmAn everlasting fire burns among the cancer smoke
D F#mLike a journalist still asking "what is antifolk?"
Bm F#mAnyone can catalogue the reasons here
Bm F#mAny rationale can be a thing I think
Bm F#mAny word of welcome can be sweet and clear
D C#mWith a hidden scammy virus in the hyperlink
F#m BmBut tell us little stories till we feel more good
D F#mTell us little stories just like Hollywood
F#m BmTell us little stories so the hours pass
D F#mAs we row to reach the island of the middle class
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