Jennifer Knapp – Letting Go chords

Song: Letting Go
Artist: Jennifer Knapp (
Album: Letting Go (2010)
Transcribed By: Megan Gandy (

Key: ECapo: 2nd Fret
Tuning: Standard Chords (relative to the capo): D:XX0232 G:320033 A:X02220 A7:X05050 D4:X04030 A2:X02200
RIFF 1e:-----------------------------------|B:-----------------------------------|G:-----------------------------------|D:-2-2-2h3-3-3h5-5-5h4-4h5p4p0-0-0h2-|A:-0-0-0---0-0---0-0---0-------0-0---|E:-----------------------------------|
RIFF 2e:---------------|B:---------------|G:---------------|D:-2-2h3-3-3p2-2-|A:-0-0---0-0---0-|E:---------------|
INTRO: RIFF 1, RIFF 2 VERSE 1: RIFF 1 (REPEAT 4 TIMES) Time passes by Think about you every day And why? I can't explain You already broke my back Why am I the one still hoping (that) we can remain? CHORUS:
D G AHolding on to you
(A) DIs a menace to my soul
G ADon't you know
D G AAnd letting go its true
(A) DIs freedom still unknown
G ASo I hold- I'm not letting go
RIFF 1, RIFF 2 VERSE 2: RIFF 1 (REPEAT 4 TIMES) Do you think that giving up Shows the courage you'd hope to put up Why cant you stay? All being fair in love and war Why do you have to leave me here to drift away? REPEAT CHORUS BRIDGE:
A7 D4 A2White knuckled grip still you slip thru my hands
(A2)Leave me wanting more
A7 D4 A2Oh so you wonder
A7 D4 A2How much more can I take, how much more can I take
A7 D4 A2Before, before I go under
A7, D4, A2 VERSE 3: RIFF 1 (REPEAT 2 TIMES) Kiss me on the mouth Maybe later you can figure out What it all means REPEAT CHORUS OUTRO: (REPEAT 3 TIMES) RIFF 1 I'm not letting go END ************************************ TAB LEGEND: | h hammer-on | p pull-off ************************************
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