Jennifer Knapp – Fallen chords

Song: Fallen	
Artist: Jennifer Knapp (
Album: Evolving EP/Letting Go (2010)
Transcribed by: Megan Gandy (

Key: D#Capo: 3
Tuning: Standard Chords (relative to the capo): Cadd5:X32013 Em9:020032 Em7:020030 F:13321X (barre chord) Gsus:3X001X G:3X000X INTRO: Cadd5, Em9 (REPEAT) CHORUS:
Cadd5 Em7 Even though they'll say we have fallen
Cadd5 Em7 Doesn't mean I won't do it twice
FGiven every second chance
Gsus G I choose again to be with you tonight
Cadd5, Em9 VERSE 1:
Cadd5 Em7Sorry is often told but hardly ever done
F Gsus GNot with you my love, not with you my love
Cadd5 Em7Of all the ancient stories that hold a bitter end
F Gsus GNot with you my friend, not with you my friend
F I lift you up like a loving cup
Gsus Gpoured down on all the world
FAnd if the fable's strong enough
Gsus Gwe'll drink more than our fill
REPEAT CHORUS VERSE 2: (SAME CHORDS AS VERSE 1) So the wind blows cold I say it's crisp and clear All for you my dear, all for you my dear And though the clouds roll by I say that hidden in the sky is a blazing sun Wait, here it comes REPEAT PRE-CHORUS REPEAT CHORUS VERSE 3: (SAME CHORDS AS VERSE 1) If all that's left behind, Are the pieces that they find Of two of us Born from a wild, wild lust REPEAT PRE-CHORUS They'll lift us up... REPEAT CHORUS OUTRO:
F Gsus G Cadd5 Em9Given every second chance I choose again to be with you tonight
F Gsus G Cadd5Oooh, Ooooooh
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