Jeremy Messersmith – A Girl A Boy And A Graveyard tab

A Girl, A Boy, and a Graveyard
by Jeremy Messersmith

Originally recorded in the key of E.
This is transposed to the key of C. 
If you want to play in E, capo on the 4th fret.

Here is a stab at the fingerpicking for the main chord progression:

Am C|----------------------------------|------------------||--------1-------1-------1-------1-|--------1-------1-||----2-------2-------2-------2-----|----0-------0-----||------2---2---2---2---2---2---2---|------2---2---2---||--0-------------------------------|--3---------------||----------------------------------|------------------|
F G|---------------------------------|----------------------------------||--------1-------1-------1-------1|--------0-------0-------1---0---1-||----2-------2-------2-------2----|----0-------0-------0-------------||--3---3---3---3---3---3---3---3--|------0---0---0---0---0---0---0---||---------------------------------|--2-------------------------------||---------------------------------|----------------------------------|
Am C F G Am C F G Am C F G Lucy takes the long way home Am C F G meets me in a field of stone Am C F G she says I don't know how I'm supposed to feel Am C F G my body's cold, my guts are twisted steel. Am C F C And I feel like I'm some kind of frankenstein, Am C F C waiting for a shock to bring me back to life, Am C F but I don't want to spend my time Am C F F waiting for lightning to strike. Ohhh... Am C F G Am C F G Am C F G So underneath a concrete sky Am C F G Lucy puts her hand in mine Am C F G She says "Life's a game we're meant to lose, Am C F G But stick by me and I will stick by you." Am C F C Cause I'm like a princess in a castle high, Am C F C waiting for a kiss to bring me back to life, Am C F but I don't want to spend my time Am C F F waiting for just another guy. Ohh.... Am C F G Am C F G C
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