Jeremy Messersmith - Repo Man chords

 I couldn't find chords to this anywhere, so I just figured out what I
 could.  I know the chords are much more complex, but I just don't have the
 knowledge or patience to figure it out completely.  Also, it is very
 possibly capoed, but I also lack a capo.  I know the D after the Bm (in the
 intro and chorus) is not really a D.  The Bm could be held instead, but
 neither is completely right, so I just play the D.  So please improve this

Standard Tuning


D  Em  G  G  
Bm  D  G  G
Bm  D  G  Gm  

Verse 1:

Em G D Fourteen years I was sober
Em G DI worked hard for my pay
Em G DLeft my tithe at the altar
Em G Closed my eyes when I prayed
D Em GBut I'm the repo man and nobody, nobody,
G Bm D GNobody weeps for me
G Bm D G Gm DNobody weeps for me
Verse 2: Same as Verse 1 The ground is cold in Minnesota Cotton falling on the town I share this hill with a willow But he never makes a sound Chorus: Same and end on D Comments/corrections very welcome!
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