Weak chords with lyrics by Jesse Barrera for guitar and ukulele @ Guitaretab

Jesse Barrera – Weak chords

Intro: G, C, Am, D (2x)                                                   (Capo 1)

Verse 1:
G CIt was the summer wind, that blew you into my life,
Am DIt was the light and the sun that shined down on me
G CIt was your beautiful eyes that looked into mine,
Am DAt least I hope, it was you,
G CIt's been said over and over and over,
Am DThat I can't get enough of your lovin girl,
G CI know I'm crazy and young so stupid but sometimes,
Am DBut I hope you realize that my love,
D GMy love for you is true
Am C DDo you know, you are beautiful,
G Am C DCuz all I know is that I get weak
G C Am DEverytime you start to tease me under my sheets,
G Am C Everytime you look at me,
D Everytime you look at me
Interlude: G, C, Am, D (2x) Verse 2:
G CJust let me know, if your alone,
Am DCuz you can wake up next to me, I promise I'll keep you close,
G CJust don't let your eyes stray away from mine,
Am DAt least I know that your lookin fine,
G CIt's been said once, twice, three times before,
Am DIt's that I can't get enough of your lovin girl,
G CLet me get a little close baby,
Am DLet me get just a little taste,
D GOh,
Chorus Bridge:
Am C Cuz I'll give you everything that you need,
AmAll the lovin, all the diamond rings,
CI'll sing you songs all night and day,
DBaby just don't run away,
Chorus (2x)
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