Jesse Winchester - Sham-a-ling-dong-ding chords

Artist: Jesse Winchester (
Song: Sham-a-ling-dong-ding
Capo: 2 fret

Vers 1: D-Bm7-Em7-A7-D-Em7,A7 (Em to A change walks up F#,G,A)The boys were singing shing-a-ling 

The summer night we met 
 You were tan and seventeen 
 O how could I forget When every star from near and far Was watching from above Watching two teenagers fall in love 

Vers 2: D-Bm7-Em7-A7-D-Em7,A7(Gm add9/D)The way we danced was not a dance 

But more a long embrace 
 We held on to each other and 
 We floated there in space And I was shy to kiss you while 
 The whole wide world could see So shing-a-ling said everything for me 

 Chorus 1: Em7,A7,D,Bm7,F#m7,Em7,A7sus4,sus9 And O the poor old old folks 
 They thought we'd lost our minds They could not make heads or tails Of the young folks' funny rhymes 
 D-Bm7-Em7-A7 But you and I knew all the words 
 And we always sang along to 
 O sham-a-ling-dong-ding 
Vers 3: D-Bm7-Em7-A7-D-Em7,A7So after years and after tears 

And after summers past 
 The old folks tried to warn us How our love would never last 
 And all we'd get was soaking wet 
 From walking in the rain 
 And singing sham-a-shing-a-ling again 

 Chorus 2: Em7,A7,D,Bm7,F#m7,Em7,A7sus4,sus9 And O the poor old old folks They smile and walk away 
 But I bet they did some 
 Sham-a-lama-ding-dong in their day 
 D-Bm7-Em7-A7 I bet that they still close their eyes 
 And I bet they sing along to 
 O sham-a-ling-dong-ding 

Bridge: Bm7-D-Bm7-Em7-A7O those sweet old love songs
Every word rings true 
 Sham-a-ling-dong-ding means sweetheart 
 Sham-a-ling-dang-dong does too 

Vers: D-Bm7-Em7-A7And it means that right here in my arms
That's where you belong And it means sham-a-ling-dong-ding 
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