Jesus Culture – Song Of Solomon chords

Jesus Culture - Song of Solomon (Live from New York)
Heres a link to the song:

This song is from the new Live from New York album 
Featuring Martin Smith, who actually leads this song.  
This song is MOSTLY PIANO, so these are the corresponding 
chords to the song, I like fingerpicking most of the song 
when playing it only acoustic (Just mess around with it),
until it starts to build halfway through.  

(Chorus 1 ~ soft, only piano and lead)
C GOver the mountains
F AmOver the sea
Am GHere You come running
F (C)My Lover to me
(Interlude ~ only piano) C G F C (Verse 1 ~ soft)
C GWhen I feel the cold of winter
F CAnd this cloak of sadness, I need You
C GAll the evil things that shake me
F CAll the words that break me, I need You
(Repeat Chorus 1) (Interlude) (Verse 2)
C GDo not hide me from Your presence
F CPull me from these shadows, I need You
C GBeauty, wrap Your arms around me
F CSing Your song of kindness, I need You
(Chorus 2 x2 ~ Watch the dynamics during this part)
C GOver the mountains
F AmOver the sea
Am GHere You come running
F CMy Lover to me
C GOh, through the valleys
F AmThrough the dark of night
Am GHere you come running
F (C)To hold me till its light
(Interlude 2 ~ only piano) C G F C C A# F C (Bridge x4 ~ Soft, build on repeat)
C A#Ill come running, come running,
F CCome running back to You
(Chorus 2 ~ Strong) (Interlude ~ Only Piano) (Bridge ~ soft) And that is it... well... JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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