Jimmy Webb – The Moons A Harsh Mistress chords

The Moon is A harsh mistress
By Jimmy Webb
Transcribed by Clive Sax

There are some Great Tabs of this song floating around.
But for those that want Just chords there's this!
Sung beautifully by Joan Baez, Linda Rondstadt and many more.

G C(9) CSee her how she flies
G Am7 C GGolden sails across the sky
C D7sus D7Close enough to touch
Bm7 CBut careful if you try
C D7 EmThough she looks as warm as gold
C G Am7The moon's a harsh mistress
D7sus D7 GThe moon can be so cold
G C(9) COnce the sun did shine
G Am7 C GLord, it felt so fine
C D7sus D7The moon a phantom rose
Bm7 CThrough the mountains and the pines
C D7 EmAnd then the darkness fell
C G Am7And the moon's a harsh mistress
D7sus D7 G It's so hard to love her well
Bb EbI fell out of her eyes
Bb Cm7 Eb BbI fell out of her heart
Eb F7sus F7I fell down on my face
Dm7 EbI tripped and missed my star
Eb F7 GmGod, I fell and fell alone,
Bb Eb Cm7And the moon's a harsh mistress
F7sus F7 BbAnd the sky is made of stone
Bb Eb Cm7The moon's a harsh mistress
F7sus F7 BbShe's hard to call your own.
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