Jimmy Webb – All I Know chords

The best-known recording of this song is the Art Garfunkel version; this tab is 
transcribed from a combination of the acoustic version Jimmy Webb recorded with 
Linda Ronstadt and the Five for Fighting version from the "Chicken Little" 

I'm using the vertical bar character (i.e., |) to indicate measures in the intro 
and outro. Hope that's OK. Watch out for the third verse -- the chords are 
slightly different than the first two.

G   D    Em   |D7sus4 D7   G    C/E|G  G/B  Cadd9     |
D7sus4  D7   G|Gadd9 D/A  Cadd9/A G|Cmaj7   Dsus4   D |
Cadd9   G/D   |C           D    C/E|G              Am7|

G D Em D7sus4 D7 Gadd9 I bruise you, you bruise me.
G G/B C G/B Dsus4 D G We both bruise too eas - i - ly,
D G C Dsus4 D Cadd9Too eas-i-ly to let it show.
G/B Am/D I love you, and that's
Cmaj7 D7 G D/C C G D/C C All I know.
G D Em D7sus4 D7 Gadd9 All my plans have fallen through.
G G/B C G/B Dsus4 D GAll my plans depend on you,
D G C Dsus4 D Cadd9Depend on you to help them grow.
G/B Am/D I love you, and that's
Cmaj7 D7 G D/C C All I know.
G Bm7 Cmaj7 D7sus4 D Gadd9 When the singer's gone, let the song go on.
Cmaj7 G/D B7/D# EmIt's a fine line between the darkness and the dawn.
Cmaj7 G/D Am7 Am7/D D7sus4 In the darkest night there's a light beyond.
G D Em Dsus4 G But the ending always comes at last,
G/B C Dsus4 D GEndings always come too fast.
D G C Am7/D D Cadd9They come too fast, but they pass too slow.
G/D Am7/D B7sus4 B7 I love you and that's all,
Em D CIt's really all I know.
D G Bm7 Cmaj7 Am7/DIt's all I know,
Em Bm/D Cadd9 D7sus4It's all I know,
G D Em Dsus4 D7 Gadd9 C/EIt's all I know.
OUTRO Gadd9 G/B C |G/D D7 G
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