John Denver – Country Roads chords


verse 1:
G Em D C Galmost heaven west virgina blue ridge mountains shenadoah river
G Em D life is old there older than the trees younger than the mountains
C G G D Em Cgrowin like a breeze
G D C GWest virgina mountain momma take me home country roads>
Verse 2:
G Em D C GAll my memories gather round her miners lady stranger to blue water
G Em D CDark and dusty painted on the sky misty taste of moon shine teardrop
Gin my eye (repeat< to >)
Verse 3:
Em D G C G I hear her voice in the morning hour she calls me radio reminds me of my
D Em F C Ghome far away and drivin down that road i get the feelin that i should
D D7have been home yesterday yesterday(repeat< to>)
< to > is the chours
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