John Denver – Calypso chords ver. 3


John Denver 

A A6To sail on a dream, on a crystal blue ocean,
A7 A Bm/A To ride on the crest of a wild raging storm,
A A6 To work in the service of life and the living,
A7 A Bm/AIn search of the answers to questions unknown --
A A6To be part of the movement and part of the growing,
Amaj7 A Em7/APart of the beginning to understand --
D A Aye, Calypso, the places you've been to
D A E AThe things that you've shown us, the stories you tell!
D A Aye, Calypso, I sing to your spirit
D A E7 AThe men who have served you so long and so well
E D AHi - dee-- ay -- ee -- ooo
E D A E D ADo-dle-oh-ooo do do do do do do-dle ay-ee
E Dsus4 D A(add B) A D/A A(add B) D/ADo-dle-ay-ee
A A7Like the dolphins to guide you, you bring us beside you
A7 A Bm/ATo light up the darkness and show us the way
A A6For though we are strangers in your silent world,
Amaj7 A Bm/ATo live on the land we must learn from the sea
A A6To be true as the tide and free as a wind swell
Amaj7 A Em7/AJoyful and loving and letting it be
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