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Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 13:18:35 -0500
From: David Goodwin 
Subject: CRD: My Size, by John Entwistle

"My Size"
by John Entwistle
>From the album "Smash Your Head Against The Wall"

transcribed by David Goodwin (chords only transciption)

NOTE: The "break" which I refer to can be performed in a number of ways.
One such place is (listed by string,fret) is 4,7;4,9;3,7;4,9;2,8;3,9.
Also, since the song repeats so much, I'm just outlining the different

INTRO: (in 4/4, D5 gets only one beat, E5 3. Should be easy if you know
the song)
D5, E5, D5, E5, D5, E5, "break"
D5, E5, D5, E5, D5, E5, "break"

D5   E5        D5    E5
Ever since I first saw you
D5     E5         "break"
I never seemed to get you off my mind
D5    E5        D5    E5
When I tried to say hello
    D5       E5      "break"
You tried to go, I made you stay behind

G          F              C
Now you're always hanging round
You never touch the ground
You make me feel so small
Wish I was ten feet tall

A         F                 D        A
I'm gonna bring you down to my size
Bm                    D              A (improvise a bit on the chord)
One of these days I'm gonna make you fall
A            F                 D     A
I'm going to bring you down to my size.
Bm         E     D      A   E
Smash your head against the wall!

(Guitar solo)

Remaining lyrics (to pattern of first verse)
Remember when I lost my cool
Shouted at you, you nearly hit the ceiling
You tried to make me feel a fool
Ignoring me, you really hurt my feelings.

But now....etc.

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