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Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 13:33:52 -0400
From: David Goodwin 
Subject: e/entwistle_john/apron_strings.crd

"Apron Strings"
from the album Whistle Rymes
by John Entwistle
Transcribed by David Goodwin
NOTE: This is as CLOSE as I get it...:-)

C#M		     E
Where am I gonna go, what am I gonna do?
B		  A
There's no one to guide me.
C#M			   C#M/B
Now that I'm on my own I'll make my own decisions
B	       A
There's no one behind me.
  G#Min7	     E
I do my own talking, do my own walking
A		   C#sus2
Nobody on which to rely.
G#Min7	         E
Do my own lying, do my own trying.
A				  C#sus2
You never let your apron strings untie.
     A        B     G#min7      A
If I said I'm sorry that you've gone
       C#     A
I'd be lying.
  A         B     G#min7  A
I feel more sorry for myself.
    C#sus2     A
I'm crying.
    C#sus2     A
I'm crying.

That's the main part of the song. Hope it helped!

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