John Frusciante – Anne tab


Tab: Esteban D. Croppi

A               E  
Anne you can't hide
    F#m         D
you know we'll find you
       A             E  
It's a matter where pride 
     F#m       D
flies out the window

Dm      Gm/Bb     F/Bb        E/A
I never got the weight off the ground
Dm      Gm/Bb      F/Bb          E/A
I just forgot what's up and what's down
Gm      Em7     Gm/Bb  D/A
How many get the way I feel now
Gm         Em7           Gm/Bb     D/A
There's no regret there's just the sense that
Gm        Gm/Bb     Cm/A - Amadd11
Nothing is coming my way
        Gm           Gm/Bb     Cm/A - Amadd11
There's so much that happened today

Riff 1: De|--------------------------3-|B|-----3--------3--------3--4-|G|--3-----3--2-----2--0--3----|D|----------------------------|A|----------------------------|E|----------------------------|
Riff 2:e|--------------------------------------|B|----3-------3-------------------------|G|-3-----3--2---0--2--3--2—-3—----------|D|----------------------------3-1---4---|A|----------------------------------5---|E|--------------------------------------|
Riff 1 The gods of the city have called my name Riff 2 It means more to them than it means to me somehow Riff 1 I left my body, I left my faith Riff 2 But it is so hard to keep away now D# Nothing is final because F C7 Gm it seems all the while There wasn't anything for me D# F C7 Gm I always faked my smile F There's so many careless angels responsible for me Gm They give me disease C7 D# F Gm They give me a pain in my neck to feed off me D# F C7 saying pay us the cost and we'll be gone D# F Gm F now they shut my eyes and i can't see... now SOLO: D#-F-Gm-D#-F-C7-D#-F-Gm-F D# F Gm These are the times I was scared of D# F C7 These are the fates I pushed out of the way D# F Gm F Now they come back here and haunt me... It's plain to see D# F Gm who the winner and loser will be Ending SOLO: D#-F-Gm-D#-F-C7-D#-F-Gm-F -------------------------------------------------- Chords:
Gm/Bb F/Bb E/Ae|---| e|---| e|---|B|-3-| B|-3-| B|-2-|G|-0-| G|-3-| G|-2-|D|-0-| D|-3-| D|-2-|A|-1-| A|---| A|---|E|---| E|-1-| E|-0-|
D/A Cm/A Amadd11e|---| e|---| e|---|B|-7-| B|-4-| B|-3-|G|-7-| G|-5-| G|-5-|D|---| D|---| D|-0-|A|---| A|-0-| A|-5-|E|-5-| E|-5-| E|---|
-------------------------------------------------- Rockin' from Argentina! - 2007
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