John Hiatt – My Dog And Me tab

John Hiatt & The Goners - My Dog And Me
Album: Beneath This Gruff Exterior
Tabbed by: Therslev

s means slide
ex: B|--9s12--| means 9'th fret[slide to]12'th fret on B-string

Intro (With slide/bottleneck):

E A E C#m H E A H Ee|----------------------|-----------------|--------------|B|--9s12-12---14s12s9---|-7s9-9--7s5------|--------------|G|.---------------------|------------6---.|-6s9s11s9-9---|D|.---------------------|----------------.|--------------|A|----------------------|-----------------|--------------|E|----------------------|-----------------|--------------|
Bridge (w/bottleneck):
Text w/ chords: verse 1: E A E She marked our trail up by the backbone ridge. C#m H E How many times can one dog pee? E A E (she) Keeps me high as an eagle, when I'm on the skids. C#m H E I guess she gotta come down eventually. Chorus: A E H E Buddy I could'a gone that extra mile. A E H E For an extra bark, or an extra smile. E H C#m I never felt so free, C#m H E It was just my dog and me. [Brigde] Verse 2: E A E Then she gives me that look, like she'd lay down her life. C#m H E No doubt she would in a minute, man. E A E She'd face the bullet, oh she'd face the knife. C#m H E Just to keep my butt from the fryin' pan. Chorus: A E H E Now she's runnin' up ahead to chase some deer. A E H E Comes back to tell me that the coast is cleared. E H C#m It's a different world I see, C#m H E when it's just my dog and me. E C#m There's a rabbit on the run. E C#m Man and beast and sky and sun. Chorus: E H C#m Who's talking to the birds in the trees? C#m H E Why it's just my dog and me. [Slide solo in E tonality] Verse 3: E A E Now it looks like we've been makin' tracks, C#m H E from the crack of dawn 'till the end of the day. E A E So its nice and easy down the devil's back. C#m H E She wouldn't know any other way. Chorus: A E H E Now it's over that ridge for one last mile, A E H E then we're fast asleep by the fireside. E H C#m Dreamin' these dreams for free. C#m H E Yeah it's just my dog and me. Ending: E H C#m I never felt so free. C#m H E It was just my dog and me. Outtro-bridge:
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