Johnny Reid – Missing An Angel chords

Capo 2

EAin't it funny how life
C#m Is measured in time
AAin't it funny how fate
BNever leaves it too late
EI heard a heavenly song
C#mI started singing along
AStill I can't believe
BYou sent her here to me
EShe fell from the sky
D Right into my life
AThrough a hole in the clouds
BAll her friends were looking down
EI found her crying in the rain
DI helped her mend her wings
AWhen she never flew back
BLord, I knew for a fact
E That you were missing an angel
Is she here to save us all Or just to catch me when I fall Is she part of your plan To make me a better man Every night I say a prayer That in the morning she'll be there If I die before I wake Chalk it up to give and take Chorus When she never flew back Lord, I knew for a fact That you were missing an angel Missing an angel
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