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Jon Allen – Sleeping Soul chords

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sleeping Soul - Jon Allen-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tabbed by: Dirk VissersE-mail:
Tuning: EADGBe In the key of C-major G=320030 G2=320013 G#=466544 F#/D=2x0230 F/Dm=1x0231 F=133211 F2=xx3210
C=x32010 C2=x32030 C3=x20030 Cm=x35543
Am G F#/D F/Dm F#/D C2 C3 AmIt's the end of an evening, the bar's propping me up,
Am G F#/D F/Dm F#/D G a pair of empty pockets, is the only thing I've got,
Dm2 Am2 Dm2 Am2 the sounds I make are hollow, the words don't come out right, Dm2 Em2 Dm2 G (RIFF1) the clock turns into tomorrow, but it feels just like tonight, RIFF1
RIFF2 or Chords
C Em3 F2 G2 Am Em3 F2 tears I didn't show,
G2 Am where did they go,
Em3 F2 G2 C Cinto my dreaming sleeping soul,
RIFF2 C Em3 F2 G2e|--0-----0---0-------------0----3---|B|--1-----1---1-------------1----1---|G|--0-----0---0-----0--0h2--2----0---|D|--0h2---2---2--0h2-2----3-3----0---|A|--0h3-3-3---2------------------2---|E|------------0------------------3---|
Am Em3 F2 G2e|--0-----0---0-------------0----3---|B|--1-----1---1-------------1----1---|G|--0h2---2---0-----0--0h2--2----0---|D|--0h2---2---2--0h2-2----3-3----0---|A|--0---0-0---2------------------2---|E|------------0------------------3---|
Am Em3 F2 G2 C Ce|--0-----0---0-------------0----3---0---0-0-0---0-|B|--1-----1---1-------------1----1---1---1-1-1---1-|G|--0h2---2---0-----0--0h2--2----0---0---0-0-0---0-|D|--0h2---2---2--0h2-2----3-3----0---0h2-2-3-0h2-2-|A|--0---0-0---2------------------2---0h3-3-3-3---3-|E|------------0------------------3-----------------|
Am G F#/D F/Dm F#/D C2 C3 Amthe file out in slow motion, lines wounded soldiers make,
Am G F#/D F/Dm F#/D G they're happy in oblivion, but I am wide-awake,
Dm2 Am2 Dm2 Am2 and all the drink inside me, don't still my shaking hands, Dm2 Em2 Dm2 G (RIFF1) I see everything around me, but I still don't understand, RIFF2 or Chords
C Em3 F2 G2 Am Em3 F2 tears I didn't show,
G2 Am how could i know,
Em3 F2 G2 Fminside my dreaming sleeping soul,
G# Cm D#well you know I'll come around, you can't keep a full heart down,
Fm G# Fm2 G2and I'll smile and shake it off, when you've had enough,
Am G F#/D F/Dm F#/D C2 C3 Amit's three am on hope street, I'm trowing up the wall,
Am G F#/D F/Dm F#/D G (RIFF1)the strain is on my shoulders, just to keep it in at all,
tears I didn't show, could i let go caught in my dreaming sleeping soul caught in my dreaming sleeping soul caught in my dreaming sleeping soul Parts from RIFF 2 C Em3 F2 G2
Am Em3 F2 G2e|--0-----0---0-------------0----3---|B|--1-----1---1-------------1----1---|G|--0h2---2---0-----0--0h2--2----0---| X3 and end with AmD|--0h2---2---2--0h2-2----3-3----0---|A|--0---0-0---2------------------2---|E|------------0------------------3---|
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