Jon Thurlow – Fountains chords

Fountains – Jon Thurlow
Capo 1:

Verse 1:
E B/D# Cast your cares upon Me
C#mFor I care for you
A2 BI care for you
E B/D# ‘Cause all your fountains are in me,
C#mand I have everything you need.
A2 BJust keep coming back to Me.
E G#mThose who call upon My name
C#mthey will not be put to shame.
A2Just keep coming back to Me.
E G#mSo come to me if you’re weary
C#m A2and I’ll give you rest, I’ll give you rest
E G#m C#mMy yoke is so easy and my burden is less
A2my burden is less
E B/D#Just cast all your cares on Me,
C#m A2 Bcause I care for you, I care for you.
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