Jonas Brothers – What I Go To School For tab

   This is my second tab. I'm pretty sure this is correct.
 Chords used:

A: E----| Tuning is stadard B-2--| G-2--| D-2--| A----| E----|B: E-----| B-----| G# is used once.4 on low e 6 on a and d G-4---| D-4---| A-2---| E-----|
E: E0 B0 G1 D2 A2 E0 Intro wait two measures (4 beats per measure) two sixteenth notes for A and 1 for b and d A B Dx2 the second time on d is srummed once Verse 1 strum twice for each chord A E F# D Her voice is echoed in my mind I count the days till she is mine A E D Can't tell my friends cuz they will laugh i love a girl from senior class A E D I daydream through my freshman math while she fills out her college apps A E F# I'll show her a world where we belong but she'll have to drive us to the prom DD Chorus DD A D That's what I go to school for even though it is a real bore F# E You can call me crazy but she is so amazing A D That's what i go to school for even though it is a real bore F# E Girlfriends I've had plenty but she's the one that I need D E That's what I go to school for A B D That's what I go to school for Verse 2 is the same guitar part so I'll just put the lyrics: Her boyfriend's just turning ninteen but that doesn't bother me.He's back in college out town i find a reson to go round. I climb a tree outside her home to make sure that alone. she looks up and sees me there I can't help but stop and stare. REPEAT CHORUS BRIDGE F# G# Everyone that you see everyday knows that you're looking at me in a D F# different way. I guess that's why my marks are getting so high. I can see G# D those tall tale signs telling me that I was on your mind. I could see that F# G# you want it more when you told me I'm what you go to school for I'm what you A go to school for VERSE 3 it still has the same guitar part REPEAT CHORUS
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