Josh Groban – Weeping chords

This song is best known nowadays for Josh Groban's cover but it was written by Dan Heymann.
I am a total beginner so this is most likely not in the original key... but I 
couldn't find any other version online so here you go.  You can use your own 
judgment and style for the timing of the D7 chord as the pickup to the next 
measure, or even go straight from A to D7 if you like, especially right before the 
last line (the repeat).  I've tried to space out the chorus to show how the chords 
fall in the rests between lyrics.

D A D AI knew a man who lived in fear
D G D AIt was huge, it was angry, it was drawing near
D A D ABehind his house a secret place
D G A DWas the shadow of the demon he could never face.
Em A Em AHe built a wall of steel and flame
Em G A DAnd men with guns to keep it tame
D A D AThen standing back he made it plain
D G A DThat the nightmare would never ever rise again
D7 G D A DBut the fear and the fire and the guns remain.
G D G D It doesn't matter now, it's over anyhow
G D A D D7 He tells the world that it's sleeping
G D G D But as the night came round, I heard its lonely sound
G D A D D7 It wasn't roaring, it was weeping
G D A D It wasn't roaring, it was weeping.
Verse: And then one day the neighbours came They were curious to know about the smoke and flame They stood around outside the wall But of course there was nothing to be heard at all Bridge: "My friends," he said, "We've reached our goal The threat is under firm control As long as peace and order reign I'll be damned if I can see a reason to explain Why the fear and the fire and the guns remain." Chorus (repeat above) The chords for the ad lib break before the final ending are: G D A D
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