Josh Turner – Pallbearer chords

Intro: (Am) (Am)

She (Am) left me in the (F) darkness, (E7) all a(Am)lone 
She (Am) abandoned all the (F) good times 
And the (E7) love I thought we (Am) had 

 I'm like a (F) lonesome pall(C)bearer, (G) walking down the (Am) isle 
 (F) Traveling to the (C) graveyard, (G) counting down the (E7) miles 
 With (F) every earth filled (C) shovel 
 They (G) dig that eternal (Am) bed 
 I'm like a (F) lonesome pall(C)bearer 
 (G) Carrying the (Am) dead 
 (G) Carrying the (Am) dead 

She don't call me, and she don't try to 
And my friend can't bring her back 
My eyes are wide open 
Watching my future fade to black 


I've pondered trading places 
With the man laying in that hearse 
I tried to hold my head up 
But her leaving, is like a curse 

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