Josh Williams – Mordecai chords

This is how I play and it sounds good to me, please inform me of any improvements 
that could be made, enjoy!
Capo 3
Intro    G C G D

G C D We'd see him in the distance on the trail along the rim
C G DHis silver head against the mountain sky
G C AmAnd Grandmas face would open up when she saw that it was him
C D GAnd she'd say Daddy grab a chair its Mordecai
G C DAnd it seemed to me he brought a country store there on his back
C G DAs he layed it all before us on the ground
G C AmAnd I knew he'd finally reach into that ragged old back pack
C D GFor the candy that he always brought around
GHe Said
D C My Papa was a wandering Jew and it's my fate to be one too
G DI'll roam these mountain trails until I die
D C Perhaps one day I'll see my home and then he smiled and turned to go
G D GAnd we all said goodbye to Mordecai
One evening when he stayed with us I saw him at his prayers As the last light trickled through the cabin door And he stood before the little yellow candle burning there Softly speaking words I'd never heard before And I told him how my Grandma said it troubled her mind so Such a fine man wasn't washed in the blood of the lamb He smiled and said "Tell Grandma if it pleases her to know That She and I both pray to the God of Abraham" Chorus It's been so long now since I've left that hillside far behind For a place I've never truly called my home And more and more these days I see him walking in my mind Through the misty mountain distance all alone Mordecai was a wandering Jew, in my own way I am one too I hope to make it home before I die And if I should ever find my way I'll light a candle at his grave And say one more goodbye to Mordecai
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