Jude Cole – Believe In You tab


Good song by a great artist. This will be the only jude Cole tab i've ever seen on the net.

Artist: Jude Cole
Album:I Don't Know Why I Act This Way
Guitar Type: Acoustic
Suggested AMP settings or effects: Tone 7, Bass 10 (if using electric)


Repeat above and then:
Verse: D I'll play guitar to make the rent, G Asus4 A But you can make our family three. D I might not make a million dollars, G Asus4 A But a million dollars won't make me. B5 G D Asus4 A Looking out on the stars tonight, Thinking about this human zoo. B5 G There's poor old Leo watching the cars roll by, D Asus4 A (hold) D Screaming up at who knows who...........Believe in You Then intro only once and, then... D G B7 A D And I'll Believe.................in Me Then intro twice Verse 2: Desperate men divided, in this glorious feilds of green We all pray to heaven, to help us mend this broken machine Theres too much talk about the clouds of gray When there's a great big sky of blue Just turn of the TV, and look in your eyes and i know that i've found something true.........Believe in You Intro x 1 Then (And I'll believe in me....)
Next: G A This is the age of the icons made of sin. G A From the rock'n'roll star, to the local preacher man. G A (Hold)........ From the baseball player, to the politician with his plan. ......... D Well Darlin'.............Just believe in You Intro x 1 G B A Then (I'll believe..................in you too) Verse 3: Someone gonna sue for harassment, Someone gonna sue cause they can't forget. Someone gonna sue poor old Phillip J. Morris For sellin them one too many ciggarettes And Phillip Morris, well he'll probaly sue me for using his name in this song And all across america, people wondering how to teach their children to get along..........well.......Just believe in You Intro x 1 Then (and I'll believe in me.) Intro x 1 Then (and i'll believe in me) Intro once more then....
e---2--2--3--x------------------------------b---3--3--3--3------------------------------g---2--2--2--2-------(hold for 3 seconds)---d---0--0-----0------------------------------a---0--0-----0------------------------------e---0--0-----x------------------------------
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