Jude Cole – Time For Letting Go tab

Song: Time For Letting Go 
Artist: Jude Cole 
Album: A View From 3rd Street 
Tabbed by Jaron Kucera 
Key: * repeat note 16 x 
     > repeat note 8 x 

Editor's Note: If you play this solo, play the power chords as full chords. 
F5=F, D5=Dm, C5=C, G5=Gm (except bridge, where it's G major) 

Intro 1:  fingerpicked 

e------------------------------------------------------------------ b------------------------------------------------------------------ g-----12-10-12-10------12-10-12-10-----12-------------------------- d---7-----------7-5-3--------------5-7-7----repeat x 1------------- a-----------------------8--------8--------------------------------- e------------------------------------------------------------------
While you're playing the above, another guitar can play:
Intro 2: palm muted F5 D5 e------------------------------ b------------------------------ g--10*--------7*--------------- d--10*--------7*--------------- a---8*--------5*--------------- e------------------------------
Verse: Palm muted F5 D5 e---------------------------------------------------------------------- b---------------------------------------------------------------------- g--10*-------------------------------------------7*-------------------- d--10*-------------------------------------------7*-------------------- a---8*-------------------------------------------5*-------------------- e----------------------------------------------------------------------
I've been holding back words, and waiting for time... Bb C5 e---------------------------------------------------------------------- b---------------------------------------------------------------------- g---3*--------------------------------------------------5*------------- d---3*--------------------------------------------------5*------------- a---1*--------------------------------------------------3*------------- e---------------------------------------------------------------------- There's a lesson here somewhere, and i know that it's mine..
F5 D5 And Although i'll remember, the promise we made... Bb C5 Promises don't justify feeling this way.... Chorus: F5> D5> F5> D5> It's time, for letting go...We can't hide what we both know G5> D5> Bb> C5> But ooh, the hurt grows, everytime i think it's over Verse x 1 Chorus x 1 Bridge: Bb No words could bring back you affection G And no lies could keep me holding on....... Then do chorus, instrumental: while singing "holding on and holding on" Chorus x 2 then fade out.............while repeating chorus fiff and singing Let it go.....I keep telling myself over and over Let it go.....But my love is still strong I just can't keep holding on And holding on and holding on...
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