Juliana Theory - Top Of The World tab

This is an awesome song and I'm almost positive that this is the correct way to play it.

Standard Tuning


Guitar 1e----------------------------B-3--3-3/5--5-5/6--6--1-1----G-3--3-3/5--5-5/7--7--2-2----D-x--x-x-x--x-x-x--x--x-x----A-1--1-1/3--3-3/5--5-(0)-----E----------------------------
Play this through twice for intro and repeat four times for the verse. Guitar 2 Bb5 C5 D5 A5 Play with the same rhythm as Guitar 1 throughout the verse then play the chorus chords with Guitar 1 Chorus: play 4x
C F Dm Bbe-3--1--5--6---B-5--1--3--6---G-5--2--4--7---D-5--3--4--8---A-3--3--5--8---E----1-----6---
C F Sha la la la Dm Bb Sha la la la la la la Verse 2 Chorus
Interlude:riff 1e----------------------------------------------B----------------------------------------------G-----7---------9-----------10---------5-------D-------8---------10-----------12--------7----- Play this I think 8xA---8--------10----------12----------7---------E-6--------8----------10-----------5-----------
Add this riff on guitar 2 after I think 2x of riff 1riff 2e----------------------------------------------B-----4--------6--------10-----8-6-5-3---------G-4/5---5--5/7---7--7/9----10------------------D---------------------------------------------- Play A----------------------------------------------E----------------------------------------------
Complete chorus twice
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