Juliana Theory – Before I Go chords

The Juliana Theory
Before I Go
2003 Tooth And Nail Records
Submitted by: jeremyunderground41@yahoo.com

Key: F

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
F -  133211
C -  x32010
Dm - xx0231
Bb - x13331
Gm - 355333

Intro: F--Dm--

Verse 1:
Fshe wont let me breathe
she wont let me speak
Dmis this heaven heaven
Fshe wont let me sleep
she wont let me eat
Dmam I dying remind me
Bbwith a kiss on the lips
desire it grips deep
Dminside me she blinds me
Bbwe're one in the same
Dmwere tired of saying Im sorry
Verse 2:
Fshe wont let me win
she wont let me in
DmIm abandon abandon
Fshes over my head
shes under my thumb
Dmwhen Im dreaming deceiving
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
F Gm Bbeverything falls in perspective
Fwhen theirs is nothing
Gm Bbto hold from it empty lesson
Guitar Solo: Dm--Bb-- x3, Dm-F-Bb-- Outro: F--Dm--
Fshe driving like me
shes falling asleep
Dmand she wrecks me
she wreck me
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